Bank of America Customer Service

Bank of America customer service functions, the functions of customer service can be further elaborated in their daily life as a Bank employee, where these functions are as follows:

• Front Line Officer
The existence of the customer service section is at the front of a bank, so customer service is a reflection of a bank’s service assessment.

• Liaison Officer
Customer Service is an officer who acts as an intermediary between the bank and the customer. The first person the customer contacts when he comes to the bank is the customer service officer, both to request information and to carry out transactions.

• Information Center

bank of america customer service
bank of America customer service

Customer Service is the only person who is easily contacted by the customer at the first opportunity, so the customer service apparatus becomes the center and resource person for information regarding bank products and services. Therefore, personnel who have sufficient knowledge and insight into the banking industry are required.
Salesman (seller)
Serves as a product seller, by selling various existing products at the bank, such as various types of savings, deposits, credit, and knowing customer complaints and objections.

• Servicing (service)
In accordance with the function of customer service, on behalf of the receiving bank and welcoming the arrival of the customer, the next step will work on the customer’s needs until all transactions can be completed.

• Advisor / Consultant
In serving customers, it is not uncommon for customer service officers to be equipped with wise knowledge and insight regarding customer financial management planning.

• Customer Maintenance (Customer Development)
New customer coaching problems (solicitation). The customer service apparatus is an account assistant or supervisor for each non-credit customer account or account. This is an extension and development of the second function, namely Liaison Officer.

• Handling Complaint
Customer service unit if in its operations, the customer is not satisfied, because there is a mismatch or agreement, complaints, and others
so, it is appropriate that the first person to be contacted is the customer service officer. In this case, it is demanded that not only be able to handle complaints but also hopefully be able to solve the problem properly as a “trouble suiter”.

Customer Service Duties.
Besides having a function, customer service at the front office of the bank also has duties. This task is essentially the implementation of the functions mentioned above and this task

later that can be seen by customers in their daily activities later. Provide services to customers who are related to opening savings accounts, current accounts, opening time deposits, other customer requests. In addition, it provides as clear as possible information about various products and services that customers or prospective customers want to know and are interested in.

Receive, serve and resolve problems raised by customers in connection with customer dissatisfaction with the services provided by the customer. Administer the blacklist of US Bank and customer rehabilitation lists as well as language files.

Administer request receipts and return of checkbooks and giro and power of attorney. Provide information about customer balances and movements. Administering checkbooks, giro, and savings books. Introducing and offering existing and new products and services according to customer wants and needs.

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