Chase Bank Mailing Address For Direct Deposit

Today on this blog we’re talking about Chase Bank and more specifically we’re gonna talk about how to set up your Chase Bank direct deposit, so for example, if you’re getting a paycheck or some sort of a tax refund some kind of money that’s going to be sent to you a lot of times, companies will go ahead and direct deposit that right into your bank account instead of sending you a paper check which is much more secure fast and you don’t necessarily always need to wait for the funds to clear.

Chase Bank Mailing Address For Direct Deposit
Chase Bank Mailing Address For Direct Deposit

so how do you do that well first off if you’re not familiar with Chase Bank it is one of the largest banking institutions in the u.s. it might even be the largest, I’m not sure if you happen to know to be sure to leave a comment below but in order to set up your direct deposit you’re gonna need a couple of different things, first off you will need the routing number to your Chase Bank account, you will also need your Chase Bank account number and then you will also need to complete the form that was provided to you from your employer or whatever service is sending you the money.

if they didn’t provide you a form, Chase does have a form available for you, so first off let’s go ahead and take a look at the form I’m gonna go ahead and open the Chase Bank direct deposit form I’ll try to leave a link in the blog description to this form so be sure to check down there also if you’re gonna be filling this form out just make sure that you go to the chase branded website and that way you’re not downloading some kind of scam form.

So I’m gonna open that up now alright so here is the Chase direct deposit form it lists a couple of different places for your name address city state and zip code, also on this line you’re gonna need to put in your checking account number or your savings account or whatever account number you’re putting to have directly deposited in along with the bank routing number, next you’re gonna go ahead and sign right here confirming that you are authorizing whatever institution is listed to direct deposit that money into whatever account you listed here so that’s the first step now.

you may be wondering how do you find your account number and your routing number, that’s pretty easy if you have the Chase Bank app as I do, you want to go ahead and go there let me go and flip over to that app now, alright so here is the Chase Bank app it’s this blue and white one right here if you don’t have that already be sure to check the blog description I’ll try to leave a referral link there but let me go ahead and open up my app now.

Alright so I went ahead and opened up the app I have registered my touch ID on my iPhone for the Chase app, if you haven’t you’ll want to go ahead and enter your username and password, I have that registered so I’m gonna go ahead and sign in now, alright it went ahead and signed in to my chase app now this is the home screen it’s gonna list any kind of account that you have set up with Chase so what you want to do is go ahead and choose the account that you want the direct deposit to go into.

For me, I’m gonna go and click on my checking account which is this top tile right here so I’m gonna click there now, alright so here’s where I am in my checking account now, and what you want to do is scroll right here to the bottom in the middle it says show details go ahead and click there and that will pull up your account number and your routing number to help fill out your Chase direct deposit form.

I’m gonna click there now, alright I went ahead and clicked there now and as you can see once you’ve clicked there it’s gonna pull up your account details along with your account number routing number interest rate if it applies, and then also your last statement date so in order to fill that form out here’s your account number right there and then your routing number, your routing number can be different than mine and it probably is depending on where you open your account up.

I open my account in California so this is the routing number for California, so once you have this information you might want to go ahead and screenshot it that way you’d want to log in again, once you have that information flip on back to your chase direct deposit form, I’m gonna click back there now, alright so here we are back on the chase direct deposit request form so you want to go ahead and enter your account number there and then also your routing number there at the bottom.

And then with this form what you want to do is go ahead and give it to your employer or whoever is requesting it keep in mind that you can use, this form or your employer’s form depending on what they ask or to set up that direct deposit with your paycheck, also keep in mind that just because you give them the form doesn’t mean it’s gonna go through immediately, a lot of times employers will tell you that it’s gonna take two to three pay cycles before the direct deposit has been set up.

It’s usually quicker than that but just kind of keep that in mind until then you’ll need to get the paper check from your employer to get paid if your direct deposit took less than three cycles to be activated.

Be sure to leave me a comment below to let the rest of us know how long that normally takes, but my experience usually takes one to two cycles hopefully, you found that blog useful if so click thumbs up and I hope to see you on the next one thanks again for reading

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