Halifax Car Insurance Reviews 2017

Halifax Car Insurance Reviews 2017

Halifax car insurance reviews on Smart Money People come from drivers like you! You can read these honest Halifax car insurance reviews to help you decide which car insurance provider is right for you…and your car! For example, read through our…

Halifax Car Insurance Reviews 2017
Halifax Car Insurance Reviews 2017

Halifax car insurance reviews on Smart Money People come from drivers like you! You can read these honest Halifax car insurance reviews to help you decide which car insurance provider is right for you…and your car! For example, read through our review to find out how good the claims process is. And remember, if you’ve used Halifax before, you too can write a short Halifax car insurance review here to help other drivers. Smart Money People is the UK’s leading financial services review site. Together, we can help to increase trust and transparency in financial services.

Customer Service

66% of feedback is Process related

Top Age Profile: 35-44

Top Channel Preference: Online

45 reviews

Beware when you cancel, they still take your money!!!

Despite spending 35 minutes on hold and going through all the reasons why their renewal quote wasn’t of interest to me, and canceling it over two weeks before its a renewal, they still took the money out of my bank. They had logged my instruction to cancel when I did but took my money anyway. When I called to see what had happened they said that the refund could take 2 weeks even though it was their mistake. This was the last thing I needed with all the Christmas spending. Cheers Halifax, you are a disgusting arrogant company.

Awful Shocking Poor Service

I had a Non-Fault incident (I wasn’t in the car and gave the third-party details to the insurers) in March 2020. After wanting to cancel my policy in Oct 2020 I’ve just found out the Halifax system is showing it as My Fault…I have a letter to confirm non fault from the underwriter however after 6 x emails and 8 x (1hr long) calls nothing has been updated and I’ve been told I have to pay the whole policy premiums or it will be sent to recovery solutions !!

Great company

Good customer service. Patient and helpful


After years of paying over £400+ on car insurance per year, I decided to see what my bank could offer. Halifax car insurance has saved me over £250

Insurance canceled without our knowledge

We called to add an additional car to our policy. Instead, they canceled our insurance and only insured the second vehicle, months later we received a letter saying we had been driving around with no insurance. We requested recordings of the call and my husband clearly stated it was an additional car.

How to be Done Over and stitched up like a kipper by The Halifax

Have car insurance with The Halifax for a KIA Sportage 1.6 GDi2 2017 group 13 cat. insurance. Changed car to KIA Nero 1.6 GDi2 2017 group 13 cat. insurance. Guess what 64% YES SIXTY FOUR. RIP OFF, MERCHANTS. When I questioned why basically as we pay monthly PAY UP until end of policy march 2021 or Accept the increase. In other words your stuffed sucker. Lloyds Car Insurance plus about another ten quotes for car insurance are all CHEAPER than the original price being paid for the Sportage.

Great customer service

Nothing is too much hassle. You feel listened to and can take your time.

no-nonsense service and policy

easy to make covid related changes great service

Do not have an accident at the weekend. Don’t use if you are dependent on your car.

My husband had an accident in Glasgow on a Saturday. It took hours to get through to the insurance on the phone and then another 3 hours for the recovery truck to get there. The truck would only take the car to an unspecified ‘secure’ place in Glasgow leaving my disabled husband stranded in Glasgow. The claims department only works office hours so he couldn’t even contact them until Monday. Since then they keep fobbing him off with assorted excuses why his car has not been taken to the local garage for repair and until it’s received the garage won’t let him have a courtesy car. Shocking treatment of a disabled driver who is dependent on a car.

rip off, merchants !!

Absolutely shocking these people rip you off with a smile !! change your name £25 Change your car £25 in fact anything with these villains is £25 Get a new car they will add a ridiculous amount to the policy !! for example, my car insurance was £150 for the year to cancel at 6 months would mean a £75 rebate but don,t forget the £55 cancellation charge, etc which means you come out with wait for it a grand total of £17 would rather walk everywhere than get insured with these lowlifes again

Dealing with a claim

I scraped somebody else’s car at work. When I rang Halifax and the underwriters they made it very easy to understand. They dealt with the matter swiftly, explained the process, and kept me informed.

Great cover, easy to buy

Halifax bettered my renewal quote by over £150, and I was covered inside of 5 minutes – great service

Great value

Easy to use the website, competitive quote, easy to understand the policy

Excellent Service

Best insurance provider I’ve had since driving! Helpful, friendly, and speedy – exactly what you need with car insurance especially when you’re in a bother!

Good price, beware amendment charges

The best price on the market at the time I was looking, but after tweaking my policy mid-term to add commuting, I was surprised to see a £25 charge taken as direct debit. I made the amendment online, and with email policy documents, most others only charge if done by phone do out of step with the rest of the market.

Halifax car insurance

I took out my car insurance a year ago with Halifax, when I did I ticked the box to say that I did not want my insurance to automatically renew after the twelve months was up. Well, twelve months is up and they have taken the money for an extortionate renewal without my permission. I am told that it will be four weeks before I get back my money. On contacting them I found that their attitude was awful. I will never use a Halifax company again.

Totally unprofessional service left my vehicle uninsured in a public car park without prior warning through no fault of my own

After entering into an insurance contract with them answered all the questions in full provided my Australian no claims proof twice. Leaving no room for ambiguity. I received an email telling me all was in order and received my insurance documents. Having paid the year in full. A month later in the middle of my working day, I received a call telling me my insurance was being canceled immediately, due to my no claims proof being Australian.

I protested that they were aware of this and my car was over an hour away in a public car park. To no avail finally on my way back from work being kept on hold for an hour on and off I was informed I could purchase at a cost to myself a new policy with no, no claims discount. No cover would be provided for my return journey home unless I purchased this. I refused was offered £85 for being kept on the phone for so long.

I was promised an email that evening giving me the name of the person who would be dealing with me and a full refund. Neither had appeared by this morning. After another long wait, I finally have been put in with someone from their customer relations team. Under contract law, I fully disclosed all the information requested paid a year ahead, and yet I have been left uninsured, illegally parked in a public car park, and at risk of losing the value of my car had anything happened to it before could purchase another policy. This is totally unacceptable the worst customer experience I’ve received.

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