Online Banking Information

Online banking information is a service for banking transactions via the internet network. This is a banking activity that utilizes internet technology as a medium. To make transactions and get other information through the bank’s website.

This activity uses the internet network as an intermediary or liaison between the customer and the bank without having to go to the bank office. Customers can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet as a link between the customer’s device and

online banking information
online banking information


Internet banking service features include general information on savings / current accounts, time deposit accounts, account mutation information, fund transfers, both transfers between accounts and between banks, credit purchases, information services such as interest rates and exchange rates, and payments, for example, telephone, internet payments. , cable TV, electricity, and various other types of payment.


To use internet banking, customers must have a user id, password, token or One Time Password (OTP), and an internet network. User id, password, and token can be obtained by registering with a bank.

When using internet banking, customers must ensure that the website accessed is the bank’s internet banking website. then the customer will be asked to enter a user id and password on the home page or log in.

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When conducting financial transactions, customers will be asked to enter the OTP obtained from the token. After the transaction is complete, the customer must ensure that he/she has logged out / logged out of the internet banking page. The bank sends a notification via e-mail as proof that the transaction has been successful.

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